1 April 2012

Woodseaves Miniature Railway Joins Britains Great Little Railways

Woodseaves Miniature Railway is now a member of Britains Great Little Railways. As well a being a great organisation to be part of there's a very good website full of lot's of interesting information, videos, photographs and very useful map showing where all the railways are located.

10 February 2012


A little wintery weather doesn't stop the WMR from running with 4 recently aquired wagons. So Bill Haywood took Sydney and the wagons out for a run in the snow covered Woodseaves Garden Centre.

The railway is closed to the public for the winter but will be opening again in the spring.

19 January 2012

WMR Gets New Wagons

The WMR has acquired a couple of wagons just before christmas and hope to get another two by February.
These are for fun really and will look good in sidings as well as a goods train on the move.